As soon as you were born you need to keep your eyes on the target.  Some of you were forced   to keep your eyes more and some of you less. When you were child your parents have more power over you and obviously forced you to study or to do some task you like or not because they knew if you really want something in your live you need to always keep your eyes on the target.

Keep your eyes on the target mean not to lose your focus from something it is very important in your life. If you lose your focus your power is more and more blocked until you lost totally your attention. We need to pay full attention and it is crucial if we want to be more successful in life. We need to know and always distinguish what is more important and what is not so important.

It is like when you are drive your car well just tries not to pay attention and you will see what happens.And still so many people love to do many other things while they are driving for example calling, eating or whatever. No wonder we see so many accidents because some people just didn’t pay full attention on the road. So whatever you do you should pay attention especially if you do your business.

Now i would like to share with you something that could truly turn your life around. 

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