I believe that when most quit, they don’t recognize the progress they are making and feel, erroneously that they have made no progress at all because they have not signed anyone up.

Maybe we should take a look at what making progress entails. To make any progress you have to take action. As long as you are taking action you are making progress!

If you consistently take action, getting your capture page url in front of marketers . . . you are making progress . . . When you do that you will be getting optins . . . and the more optins you get . . . the more people will see the video . . . the more people that see the video . . . you will find a few that catch the vision, the light bulb will go on for them and they will be ready to make a full commitment to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

It might take a while to identify the few who “get it.” But the progress is made when you start getting optins . . . the signups will come.

So if you are not getting optins, it is not the fault of the capture page or system.

Whether or not you get optins is a function of where and how you are advertising. That is what you need to take a second look at and try new things. You might even try using a personalized approach using a portal page. Work with your sponsor to tweak things.

If your sponsor is not supporting you, you can get some help in the group and you could also do some research on your own, watching youtube videos to learn from other marketers.

Seek to learn new skills, like how to use a graphics program to create a banner, how to use software to make a video, how to use your cpanel with your hosting to set up a wordpress blog and how and where is the best way to advertise and on and on.

If you are serious about making this a “replace your job” kind of business, make a commitment to expand your skills and knowledge. If you do anything to learn new things and put what you learn into action . . . you are making progress.

Now i would like to share with you something that could truly turn your life around. 

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