I am just thinking about it today how important is to keep going towards our dreams and never ever stop. We could get distracted in many ways before we reached our destination. And what is worse, we could start to go backward instead of going forward.

Remember these words “Do not be afraid of going slow to reach your destination, but be afraid not going at all”!

There’s wisdom in these words that we should never stop on our journey to reach our goal. We could get impatient all along the way because we like to have everything right now at this moment. We want things so badly right away that it could lead us not have them at all.

I think that is a very childish unhealthy attitude and we will never progress with anything. We will never reach our destination because we are not strong enough to face obstacles we could experience. And the truth is there are always obstacles in life.

The turtle moves ridiculously very slowly it is funny to watch her how she is moving forward, but she will always reach her destination. I am sure there is a power to move forward even it feels so long to reach your goal. You are not aware of the fact that you made progress already.

This illusion could fool you that you are in the same place like you were before. It could trick you and in that moment you will stop moving forward. You will simply quit and you will be just another loser who lost faith and hope for a better future.

Well the truth is my friend it does not matter how slow you are moving forward you can’t be in the same place. If you don’t see so many results that no means there’s no progress. If you just keep going you will see more and more results.

You will see the light of the tunnel just be like that turtle. It is better to move slowly than not moving at all. It is especially important to remember that if you do some business online.

If you never ever quit doesn’t not matter what you will succeed and be victorious! Stop creating images of failure in your mind, but instead try to see positive results. without any shadow of doubt!

Learn from the turtle about the patience and how to make your dreams come true. She is here to teach us something.


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